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My decision making!!

Well Penelope Peril is a bit upset with me.  This morning she said I was naive and I act like I have never been through something like this before.  She said I dont think sometimes, this all started over prescriptions needing to be picked up at Sewells Point vice the local drug store.  Penelope is the best, without her i would be a little disheveled person…no bathing..never brush the teeth..2 different socks..kind of like the real life version on PigPen..just a quick dirty thought

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Jingles you cannot forget!

You know those tunes you just cannot get out of your head, this is one of them.  So I hope you watch this and tomorow you are walking around your workplace singing this. HAHAHAH My gift to you. a quick musical thought

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Well if I ever had Carcinophobia, I am definetely cured of it now.  One of my favorite televison shows Monk is about a sherlock holmes like police detective that has an amazing amount of phobias.  His phobias range from fear of milk to fear of clowns.  WEBMD states that in a recent study about 8% of all americans have at least one phobia they deal with on a daily basis.   Some recent studies try to relate childhood trauma to most adult phobias.  As a child I never had a phobias that I can remember and I grew up in a household where I was never exposed to any trauma or abuse.  Nyctophobia is mostly present in young children, and starts out with night terrors and a healthy fear of the boogeyman.  The American Medical Association believes adult Ncytophobia is very rare and usually treatable with hypnosis and believe it or not, yes prescription drugs.  For me, it (Ncytophobia) relates more to images on tv and movies, so I think that is not that abnormal.  As long as I look the other way from the spooky ass closet and hallway we have, I am usually okay and have no trouble sleeping.  The bad thing is that I love being scared, so I kind of do to myself…just a quick thought. 

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