Well here we are together again!!

Well different home for the blog, lots of different functions and a nicer setting for me to rant and rave about this and that. The (Brightwaters Faction) of the family was just here. Joe took the clan to NC the outer banks for a little rest away from New York others would say from Mom and Dad but thats just me. I feel good, back to work, felt like a 5th wheel though, just kind of sit their and help out the crew where I can. I have been gone from work for a month and things seemed to have drastically changed at MARCC PC but thats a story for another time when we can sit and chat about things. Still have the stitches in my leg, they come out on Tues, dam doctor hopefully can take them out. So no more blogspot on to wordpress up and beyond. Joe asked me if I was coming up for the wedding..we both laughed, absolutely though it gives me a great pride to stand up for my brother Matt…just a quick thought

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4 thoughts on “Well here we are together again!!

  1. Mom

    Okl didn’t know people leave town to get away from me. I leave town to get away from all of you. I thought Joe would stop in to see you, he said he was thinking about it but thought the kids might be too much for you. I am glad you got to see the kids, Cynthia is really cute, and Olivia is a little doll and Riley is just Riley. I hope they were nice to the dog. Love the picture of you and Lisa. Ok that’s all for me enjoy your night

  2. Fefe

    The blog is looking good 🙂 WordPress is a bit harder than BlogSpot… U master this and I’ll be impressed. HaHa.

  3. shantyman

    Well the pictures certainly shows off ow well Lisa can blow those bubbles….what a skill! Good to hear you are back at work but I gotta tell you i am trying to find ways not to work.


    P.S. love the shirt

  4. JustMe

    Oh Shantyman. You done mess up son. I’ll see you in July. Love your devoted sister in law.

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