Well if I ever had Carcinophobia, I am definetely cured of it now.  One of my favorite televison shows Monk is about a sherlock holmes like police detective that has an amazing amount of phobias.  His phobias range from fear of milk to fear of clowns.  WEBMD states that in a recent study about 8% of all americans have at least one phobia they deal with on a daily basis.   Some recent studies try to relate childhood trauma to most adult phobias.  As a child I never had a phobias that I can remember and I grew up in a household where I was never exposed to any trauma or abuse.  Nyctophobia is mostly present in young children, and starts out with night terrors and a healthy fear of the boogeyman.  The American Medical Association believes adult Ncytophobia is very rare and usually treatable with hypnosis and believe it or not, yes prescription drugs.  For me, it (Ncytophobia) relates more to images on tv and movies, so I think that is not that abnormal.  As long as I look the other way from the spooky ass closet and hallway we have, I am usually okay and have no trouble sleeping.  The bad thing is that I love being scared, so I kind of do to myself…just a quick thought. 

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5 thoughts on “Nyctophobia

  1. JustMe

    Zman is afraid of his own shadow; big scardy-cat!! He does it on purpose though. Always says, being scared lets you know your alive.

  2. Mom

    Zman are you going to let her say you are a scardy-cat maybe she know something we don’t. I guess I must be the scardy-cat because I am afraid of bridges, tunnels, and water but I am trying to get over them as ususal Keep SMILING

  3. liz

    hi steve… nice new blog… very cool, as for things we fear, I’m afraid of heights but i love to fly….go figure

  4. capt

    teeshirt here im afraid of snakes and tigers youll are a really brave person zman youll still roc

  5. Love that old Boogeyman. Scare em Scare em good I always say.Hey Tshirt Welcome back
    Love tigers theyre big old puddy tats.And Snake meat is gooooooooodd.Taste like chicken.

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