My decision making!!

Well Penelope Peril is a bit upset with me.  This morning she said I was naive and I act like I have never been through something like this before.  She said I dont think sometimes, this all started over prescriptions needing to be picked up at Sewells Point vice the local drug store.  Penelope is the best, without her i would be a little disheveled person…no bathing..never brush the teeth..2 different socks..kind of like the real life version on PigPen..just a quick dirty thought

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6 thoughts on “My decision making!!

  1. Mom

    You should thank God every day for Penelope Peril. Just like when you were younger you could sleep all day. Sometimes coming out of your room for food. Hope at least you do take a shower once in awhile. We want you to smell nice.

  2. I agree with Mom. Penelope Peril is without a doubt your Lady,she is also your best friend.She is interested in you and you alone.Oh by all means shower now and then.Let’s not get overly funky

  3. highway

    hey bro yeah you lucky lisa is a good woman hey you only luck out once

    but theres noone like lady liz

  4. capt

    teeshirt here youll have to take a shower or you will stink, could you find me a girlfriend please Zaman youll roc

  5. shantyman

    Gee, with all the love being poured out i feel so warm inside AAAAAAUUUUUUGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!

  6. JustMe

    As you can all figure out, no blog entries for a while. At least until he gets out of hospital; which should be very soon. Take care and see you all soon.

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