Down but you bet your ass not out!!

Well this is day 6 here in beautiful downtown Portsmouth. NMCP has been nice enough to hold me here for 6 days hahha. I have actually learned one of of lifes lessons here this time. The past weekend was beautiful here, in the 60’s and I sat it out in a hospital bed. I am feeling better, and hopefully the doc will let me go home tomorow and take this recuperation the rest of the way. The stitches look good, much better then when I left JH. I feel a whole lot better as well, so what is the lesson learned you ask. The almighty let me wake up today, maybe to be a warrior. The Department Head of the Wound Clinic here is a breast cancer survivor and her belief is that the almighty gave it to her to survive and be a warrior for the next generation. Maybe thats my mission, we move through life and wonder about destiny and reason for being. My reason might be to take what I have learned and help the next generation to be survivors. My mission is not quite through, a major step is still ahead but I know that learning this lesson has put my mind at ease about what my mission and destiny just might be….besides everday the almighty lets me have morning breath is a good day…..a quick thought of realization

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5 thoughts on “Down but you bet your ass not out!!

  1. Zman glad you’re feeling better.Things can only get better now.Somehow I’ve come to believe that the Lord God has a purpose for all of us in this life.Every day we do his bidding.We take care of our families,our friends,and any stranger that needs our help.Finally we try to take care of our selves as well.

  2. highway


  3. liz

    hi steve…. it was great talking to you tonight… hopefully you’ll be home soon…glad that you’re still bloggin, we look forward to reading your posts

  4. JustMe

    I’m glad the hospital finally has wireless that we can use. Love you baby.

  5. shantyman

    What I have learned a long time ago, is that it is better to be 6′ (actually 5’8″) above ground than 6′ below and virtually nobody goes through life unscathed. The depth of the wound so to speak, will dictate the size of the to war story. Life experiences, however good or bad are experiences and every time you come out the other end, you should be a better person or at least more understanding of life’s delicate balance. I for one, have some HUGE war stories as many know and the stories grow by the minute…walking to school 5 miles, in the snow, up hill both ways, etc. etc, broken windows in the dead of winter, etc.

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