Better Days

Finally checked out of hospital, geez i thought I was a permanent guest at times.  We have a home health care people coming to our house to assist with the antibiotics that I need to take. (Venkamyacin) Dont know if that is spelled right,  but that is what I need to take for at least the next two weeks.  I feel good though, I was telling Penelope that I feel as good as I did before the JH Surgery, so I hope that is a good sign of things to come.  The yankee game is televised today, and I am home watching it, so we are off to an okay start.  Hospital hair is one of the worst things there is,  I thought I would throw that our there.  The little dude is sitting here looking at me, like who is this???hahahahaahah….a quick thought for today 

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3 thoughts on “Better Days

  1. Mom

    Hi Stephen glad that you are finally out of the hospital. Be nice to the little dude he really missed you and also Lisa she was always at your side and always will be. Ok this one is for Shantyman If you are going to tell your war stories make sure you tell them right. Walking to school ten miles with no boots, hat, or gloves so what has changed. Today you walk to the station no boots, hat, but maybe gloves. Next time you war story will include your little club house, or your camero.

  2. shantyman

    Ok , so my war stories are a bit exxagerated at times, like the loaf of bread grandpa used to buy for a penny or the way he used to “fly” across Frankie’s junkyard. But some things are true: Bohacks off the rack or “presenting son” where Dad would be in tears at the bottom of the steps begging us to go to bed. BTW it wasn’t a camaro but a cougar and if that car could talk, I would REALLY be in trouble.

    Its all good. Like I said, I am real happy to be 5’8″ above ground!

  3. highway

    hey bro whats new well war stories yeah we got em oh clubhouse dont know whos it was no biggie cougar not mine so still all good but funny stories hmm tile fight and yes presenting son and pops tearing up the stairs he he he ok love you guys

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