Bad Ideas!!

I wonder who in America right now  is interested in Mcain as President.  We are at an incredible point in history, with the choices we have for our next president.  Americans have always preached to the world that they are the most diverse nation in the world.  We tell the rest of the world that this is the Land of opportunity.  So what kind of message does this send that we want to keep status quo on our selection of a president a 72 yr old white irish man.  We have the opportunity to prove our diversity with an african american or a women.  Every person that votes for Mcain, needs to read a history book about Indira Ghandi, Golda Meira, Margaret Thatcher.  Democrats are not always great for the military, but I am willing to make a change in order to change our image in the world.  One last thing, Reagan was older, but Mcain is no Reagan.  So on top of status quo,  someone that is more then likely out of touch with the younger generation wants to lead the populus….cmon just a quick thought that makes sense

It’s Official: Party and President Back McCain

Stephen Crowley/The New York Times

John McCain with President George W. Bush after Mr. Bush endorsed Mr. McCain in a Rose Garden ceremony at the White House on Wednesday.

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7 thoughts on “Bad Ideas!!

  1. JustMe

    McCain is WAY too vanilla to understand our diversity and its benefits to this country; not to mention the younger generation. You are absolutely right baby; he is no Reagan.

  2. capt

    teeshirt here how youll doing glad you arent in the hospital no more i am voting for my girl friend for president she has a big mouth and likes to tell people what to do eat more green jello and youll feel better
    zman you roc O were is the cute pooch

  3. shantyman

    I think McCain is only vanilla, he is 125 years old. If anyone had an affair with him, they should be shot! I am not sure what to do, maybe Ralph Nadar but he needs a new suit. Unfortutnately for the crowd I am more liberal although I support our crew overseas. Personally, I would use one of those neutron bombs (kills the people but leaves the buildings, we could use the space) in one of the major cities and then say “your move” The world would get over it and we would not have to worry about more attacks on our soil. But, I do not want to hear anymore about trickle down, government spending(anyone who pays $150 for a hammer is an idiot) or tax breaks to anyone who makes over $1mm a year. Pay as you go for everything and we would all be ok. Again, unfortunately, I cannot run for president because unlike Bill, I have inhaled and I like cigars although I do not understand why Monica

  4. Mom

    I really don’t think the we have much to choose from, This country is not ready for a woman or african american. Not definetly not on the same ticket. Shantyman I would vote for you anytime you would get us out of the money problems we now have. I don’t know about the the bomb. Ok everyone keep Smiling things will get better

  5. The Keeper

    Not ready for a woman or a black man? Can you elaborate a litte more? I think old white men have had the reins for too long now. Time to try something else.

  6. Anonymous

    I agree it is time for a change but the old guard runs this country and they have a great deal of support. Who would you suggest we vote for are there any honest people still left that could run this country. Everyone has something they want to hide.

  7. JustMe

    I don’t think there are any honest people left in politics (including McCain). So, my opinion is, you just throw a dart at pics of your candidates on the wall and whoever it lands on, well, there you go. Seriously, I think you just have to pick the lesser of the evils and hope for the best. They ALL have something to hide, I agree.

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