The Old Guard

Where has the old guard gotten us in the last 20 yrs.  In a quagmire of a military conflict with seemingly no way out.  Big companies shutting down in cities doing away with thousands of jobs i.e.  Ford shutting down in Flint and Norfolk.  Our healthcare system seemingly to be in the dumper with NO SIGN of a new positive direction.  And last but not least young children growing up lost i.e Teen pregnancy or school shootings or drug addiction.  So it would be my opinion that the only thing the old guard has done has been giving huge tax breaks to the likes of Sam Walston and Donald Trump.  Government should be their to help not the say I dont know we are working on it right after we put another 11 billion into Iraq.  In case anyone has paid attention to the makeup of the middle east their HAS NEVER BEEN a democratic government in that region, so lets give up that idea.  Obama and Clinton will give a different face to our nation and bring something that is sorely needed POSITIVE CHANGE.  They both say the same thing lets take the money we spend on the quagmire and PUT AMERICA BACK TO WORK so they can afford healtcare and maybe just maybe big business can help subsidize a national healthcare.  Mcain wants to stay in Iraq for a 100 Yrs is what he said, a move that could put the greatest country in the world into a depression not too mention the hate the middle east feels for us would only grow to epic proportions.  Diversity is our ONLY option right. The old Guard needs to hand the reins to a younger more in touch and in tune generation…….theirs your thought for today

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4 thoughts on “The Old Guard

  1. Anonymous

    I agree with what you are saying, but do you relly think either one of them is going to keep their promise and pull our troops out. National healthcare is the way to go but who is going to pay for it,the tax payers. I really don’t know what the answer is, yes we need to keep taxes down and jobs in our country and what about all the day workers taking the jobs from our people. Please let me know what your answer is how do you think we could solve these problems

  2. highway

    steve the old guard well what we need is to get rid of the pillow biting politicians and the knee jerk liberals we truly need to kick some serious asses go back to the way things were done in 1800s we need a gunslinger not a negotiater well screw the democrats screw the republicans they all suck so godspeed on recovery love ya bro

  3. A national healthcare could be subsidized by the upper 1% i.e. Trump, Walston, GM, The forbes 500 types. National healthcare will only cover our seniors that need help with prescrip drugs and those that live below poverty line. Both candidates promise to give tax breaks to those companies that jobs in America. Dayworkers take up very little of the US jobmarket and add almost nothing to the economy, unfornately with all the talk about NAFTA, immigration will take a back seat in the next four years. Bring the troops home and give middle class a tax refund to spend on the economy. Allow folks that are middle class to send their young uns to college for free. Thats some of my ideas..and Mcains’ main message is the troops and the war in Iraq..that costs 11 billion nuff said bout that…

  4. Anonymous

    Steve those are great thoughts you should run for president I would vote for you Maybe Washington should listen to the everyday Americans

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