a laughable situation

So there is Penelope at the back door whispering for Zues to stop barking, cause she does not want to raise her voice and wake up my niece.  Meanwhile Zeus is barking his head off at some creature that has either questioned his yard authority or has run over the fence into what Zeus believes to be his kingdom.  The funny thing is Zues looks back and sees Penelope yelling and keeps on, he must be thinking I cant hear a dam word mommie is saying so it must not be me. Only when she raises her voice and wakes up the neighbor or runs outside in the rain and threatens caninacide does the little guy relinquish his torment of some creature.  The whole thing to see is the funniest dam thing..this little dog is the best and also the funniest dam dog I have ever seen..a funny quick thought

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6 thoughts on “a laughable situation

  1. Mom

    Stephen you can see who it the king of your castle.

  2. highway

    hmm z-man thinks hes larger than life well guess hes in charge of his yard well go figure

  3. JustMe

    Ya, he thinks he is the rule of the roost. Although, he knows to get his tail moving when Momma gets that look in her eye. He moves quicker than sand at that point. Momma don’t play!!

  4. slickman

    hey steve it.s been some time since I posted but I read every day. Glad to see your home and hope you feel better. life is funny at times you just don,t know what road it will take you down. You might not enjoy the road trip but when you get to the end you will see the light. you will look back and see that you are a better person now then when you stared this whole ride. I like some of the old war stories . shantyman I seen him fly over the junk yard . and I was glad when bohacks wen,t on fire . I was the one who said those words presentig the sun. If I was to look back I would say holy shit what was I thinking . But now I say holy shit I was luck I could run fast. well thats all for now have to go to the barn and feed the cows. good night to all and all good night .

  5. SKC

    Just dropping in after reading your blog :o)

  6. arrfff aarrrfff ‘What’s that she’s yelling at me again aarrrfff darn old cat or is it another dog Hey get out of my yard aaarrfff Oh christ she’s got the broom I’m out of here hahahahahah

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