..A real love

Maybe its me, an old school belief but I think you are truly in love only once in your life.  I was telling Penelope, that if she werent here anymore and I remarried it would not be about love but I would be  80 and she would be 20.  My assests would be well insulated her name would be Candy or Jenna.  Penelope Peril  is my soulmate and my one true love, she is always here for me no matter how difficult I become.  Well I am feeling better I have another boring week ahead of lovenox shots and venkamyacin drops….just a quick love thought about my baby Penelope

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5 thoughts on “..A real love

  1. I agree that true love is something to be cherished. But beware of its thorns.

  2. Every good marriage has a few thorns as leafless puts it I like her writing and hope she looks at my blog.But getting back to Zman owner, are you telling me that without Penelope you’d be a dirty old man and a sugar daddy?What a life you gotta love it

  3. trying to see if I did this right

  4. one more time Let me try to get this right.I have not been getting too much right today.Anyhow all the best to Zmanowner and Penelope Peril and of course the ever present Zman himself

  5. JustMe

    How did I get so lucky to have such a sweetie pie..

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