Ms Fefe

I have a niece(on my wifes side) who refers to herself as Ms Fefe.  Let me frame this up a bit,  a chrysler 300 (nice car just you usually see older folk driving one) a taste for the finer things in life (makes me jealous at times) a dog that might as well be hers (Poopie just adores her) and outstanding work ethic (no way i worked that hard when i was her age).  She is a class act I tell you.  I feel bad for the guy that comes along and thinks he is all that (she will mold him to what she needs no doubt, i think the word is neuter).  Dont know where the Fefe moniker comes from, but it fits her to a tee I tell you….she just needs one thing…To  hit the Lottery (Can I have some if you win!)…thats my thought for today

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4 thoughts on “Ms Fefe

  1. highway

    after a good day trucking nothing beats coming home to my wife well boys and girls lady liz is the top number one wife there is no better woman than lady liz everyone else is second rate i love ya honey

  2. Fefe

    Yes, that Fefe girl is a character huh? Sure, if I win you guys will get some moneys! Durrr. Back pay on rent 😉

  3. She drives a chrysler 300 yeah that’s old folks car,but she’s frugle.She likes the finer things in life?who doesn’t( she’s single give her that,she wants the good life).Zeus likes her?wadda you want he has an eye for the ladies.Ms Fefe is good people OK nuff saidGotta write my blog and beat the dems up again

  4. Mom

    You have three other nieces. One is just a cute little puddgy checked doll, the other is a beautiful young woman, with a good sense of humor, beautiful smile, and a heart so big the other one well that is a princess in training wants jewerly, clothes, and she is only five. What happens when she is 15 but we all love her. They are all special in there own way, just like Ms Fefe

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