Another Day

Another day on the ranch, I vow never to go on Medical Leave again.  I will fight it with every core of my being, and then more.  You can only watch so much MASH and Sportcenter.  Yesterday was great cause my day was broken up with a visitor.   Judy from home healthcare came by to change my dressing and take blood, hey its not a social call but I will take it where I can get it.  After Fefe leaves for work (ah going to work I concept I have grown to envy) its not til my baby comes home at 5 or so that I can turn off mash and get yelled at by someone haha.  My mother always told me to be nice and make friends now I know why…a quick but oh so boring thought

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One thought on “Another Day

  1. Mom

    Stephen you told me when Pop and I visited you last year that you were very boring people. I don’t think so you could watch soap opera’s instead of Mash or Law and Order and OH yes Jerry Springer. Or best yet you could read a book or take some classes. I know you will be glad to get back to work. So enjoy it while you can SMILE

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