Are you kidding me!

..Gov Spitzer is apparently too stupid to live,  this is the same guy who passed legislation making the punishment harder for men soliciting prostitutes.  Hey Eliot she might be a whore, but you bet your ass she can read and she makes a mental note of who her customers are.  This douche not only deserves to be booted, but every JOHN he criticized and ostracized should get to stand on his lawn and laugh at him while his old lady walks out the door….and if that is not enough what is the story with this dumass that Hillary employs.  Isnt this the same broad who tried to blaze a path as VP candidate under Mondale in 84.   So honey what has changed, the fact that Obama is black is the only reason their is alot buzz about this election.  So her running for VP was not a big deal back then, or does she has a male part we dont know about.  Either way these two people dont belong in politics,  they should have job that has the statment WOULD YOU LIKE FRIES WITH THAT.  I am starting to believe that I should start drinking, taking drugs and frequent prostitutes along with the occasional loss of money at a casino are the qualifications that are going to make me a great POLITICIAN….at least the doc took out my stitches today so my world seems to be on the right path..a quick thought today

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9 thoughts on “Are you kidding me!

  1. JustMe

    My baby got his stitches out today. WHOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOO!!!!!

  2. Read my blog I just began my series covering the worlds oldest profession.Click on my name or Zman has it in his blog role.All comments are welcome.Hey Steve everything is looking better now hang in there

  3. highway

    ha ha spitzer got busted well guess hes gonna be front and center even might become lead role in a prison rape scene oh well gov dont bend over he he he he

  4. Mom

    Stephen glad to hear you got the stitches out today. I guess you will be going back to work soon. I am glad you and your father can laugh about our Gov. Don’t you think that everyone is entitled to one mistake. Private life should be seperate from Professional life. But as your father said I am wrong about that

  5. highway

    hey i can hear him screaming ouch it hurts he he he

  6. liz

    highwayman seems to be enjoying the governor’s fall from grace…. just remember that everyone makes mistakes in life…. we’re all human, it was J.C. who said, “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone”.

  7. Friend of Lisa's

    Hello Stephen & Lisa…

    Glad to hear your stitches came out today, hopefully you can move on to the next phase of your treatment soon. The sooner your start, the sooner you can move on with your life. Here’s wishing you good thoughts. And I can’t forget to say Go Red Sox… 🙂

  8. shantyman

    Here is where I will part dramatically from EVERYONE who has said “everyone makes mistakes” and feels sorry for the Spitzer. Not only did he spend hundreds of thousands of $ on hookers, he did it while busting prostitution rings. And, wait until it breaks about the money laundering. Before he resigned, he was trying to cut a deal? For what? YOU GOT CAUGHT YOU DUMB ASS!! When he resigns, he says that everyone who breaks the law should pay. Well here is the top guy in NY only saying this because he got caught. He as been doing this for 8 years. Yeah, we are stupid. On top of this, look at the 22 year old girl who is all over the press. His money will buy him solitude for the rest of his life but she is now literally F^%%$^ked. And what about his wife! I think he should either be registered as a sex offender or have to wear his penis around his neck for the rest of his life. Listen, people have tried to compare him to Bill C. Bill did not break any laws, he just had REALLY bad taste in women… Monica and Paula but he never had to pay for it!!@!

  9. capt

    teeeshirt here glad youll got the stitches out i had stitches once and have a scare glad i dont live in ny that man isnt nice he should stay with his wife i dont do that to my girlfriend zman stay nice like the picture were is it some place youll been zman you still roc

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