Lt Hurd

He didnt just take care of me once he looked out for me twice.  Lt Hurd was the doctor that first saw the bump on my leg and said hey lets get an MRI and see what we have here.  That started the whole ball rolling about me going to JHH.  The first phone call I received from the LT he used the words lets get this fast tracked and looked at quick as we could possibly can.  He also is not a big fan of Tricare, which was profound considering the problems that we are having now.  Lt Hurd was also the doctor that looked at my leg recently leading to Portsmouth Naval doing the second surgery cleaning out the infected wound.  He is truly a Sailors Sailor,  the concern and care he gives to the Sailors that he sees is second to no one in this Navy.  I am truly lucky to have him as my PCM, considering he is not even my assigned PCM. As soon as this became and issue he told me that he was going to take my case over and get involved as much as I needed him to be.  The doc is constantly involved and calls to make sure my recovery is on track and going as planned.  Words dont describe how appreciative I am of his involvement and of his deep care for this Navy and its Sailors…Thanks for everything Doc…a quick medical thought

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4 thoughts on “Lt Hurd

  1. Yeah I agree some of them really do care.The problem is that the Military doesn’t really appreciate how much good medical people do for us.I have always been of the belief that all of them should start at command rank(LTCM)for Navy and CG,and Major for Army and Marines.Anything less is an insult since some of them leave a lucrative civie practice to take care of us..From a retired soldier and pop
    Thanks Doc

  2. I was just thinking about how the DOD disrespects our professional staffers as a whole.
    Not only do they not give proper recognition to medical people,they also don’t seem to care about Clergy.This is truly an area of need.They cannot get enough chaplains Same deal as Doc,they won’t start him off at a decent rank He has to start as a know nothing butter bar,and that is disrespectful.

  3. Mom

    I am so glad you are feeling better. Having confidence in your medical team is great. You feel that you can trust them and they are doing the right thing for you. Hope this time you can stay on schedule and get back to work with in the next month. Ok talk soon and keep SMILING

  4. shantyman

    I gotta say, the picture of the baseball field doesn’t do ti for me. The biggest joy i get from baseball is when the season is over. Remember, I have seen some truly memorable and historic games. 86, 92 but is there a game that can be more boring to watch… i guess you could watch paint dry. Go back to the Big Blue and give us something to look forward to. Put up pictures of Manchester United (soccer in case anyone has their head in the sand) At least in soccer, the players aren’t either on juice or 50 lbs over weight. just a thought

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