Empty Promise

While its one of the toughest and most athletic sports that exist, Soccer does not quite capture the hearts and minds of most American sports fans.  I would even go so far as say, if it wasnt for the World Cup (an event even I follow)  that Soccer would not be on the American Sports Radar.  The promise of David Beckham to bring soccer mainstream has not quite became a reality yet, mostly because of a lack of major tv contracts and poor viewership on hot and hazy saturday afternoons.  I can rememer when LA Galaxy signed beckham the excitement of MLS that this was it, they (MLS) were going to compete with the NFL and MLB. Turns out that MLS had and continues to have troubling attracting an audience and frequently has low ratings in competition with PBR and NASCAR.  As long as the MLS continues to lag behind in fans and an audience its excitement will remain in its origins of south america and most european countries.  Its also worth noting that while NASCAR is still considered by sum a redneck and hillbilly sport, its stars like Earnhardt Jr and Kyle Busch relentlessly promote the sport through sponsors and well known charities.  Without the sponsors MLS in the United States will continue to stay in the dark.  I liken MLS popularity to how well Math and Science academics are received in the inner city.  Good Luck MLS, maybe you can start a league on the moon….a quick sporting thought

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7 thoughts on “Empty Promise

  1. NASCAR has low ratings? I find it hard to believe.

    Americans are simple-minded. They prefer high-scoring sports. The Steroid Scandal may have damaged baseball’s reputation, but the explosion of offense (probably related to steroid use) in recent years has really revived MLB’s popularity. People just want to see homeruns and the big guys who slug them.

    What the MLS has to do to compete with MLB and NFL is to eliminate the use of goalies or at least the offside rule. Hiring Beckham reduces the glamor deficit, but will not solve the lack-of-scoring problems.

  2. JustMe

    Hey, put that baseball field back up. Soccer………ewwwwwwwwwww.

  3. shantyman

    Well, I have to say, finally a sport worth talking about, sorry Lisa. And maybe when Ryan and Paige are listed as part of the US national team, everyone will find glory in the sport

  4. Mom

    I think the sport is great for kids. Ryan and Paige are the future of this sport and if you really watch them play as I did you will understand what a great sport it is. Try watching it with an open mind. Stephen I like this game more then football and baseball. Remember keep SMILING and you will feel better

  5. capt

    teeshirt here youll like that sissy sport, it is for girls wrestling is a real mans sport so tell that mom she should watch it with youll youll will really llike it ok zman you still roc

  6. I said from the start that I considered soccer as the salvation of the middle youth of America.This is not to say that they cannot play football.baseball or basketball Little by little the former stereotypes are fading.Not all football players are big,not all basketball players are exceedingly tall.Any particular sport is what they are good at.Ryan may well play pro soccer some day.Paige can go two ways soccer or basketball.She has natural inclinations.Personally I like soccer I’m a late comer to the sport,but I do like it,and I’m learning to understand the game.I like and play golf,and chess..I commend Zman for his willing flexibility This is what a good writer/publisher is all about

  7. Tee shirt welcome back.Are you talking about amateur wrestling,or that nonsense on television

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