Silent and Yell

Penelope has two volumes Silent and Yell,  part of it is my fault though.  Went and picked up my race number for the Shamrock 1/2 Marathon which in august I was planning on running it.  But for those that read this blog you all know why that is an impossibility at this time.  So as we pulled into the parking lot of the convention center we got into this yelling match over something stupid to  begin with.  She says I should be used to it by now, but getting yelled at by her is such a fun experience at times.  This time was basically about whether I should write a note so she could pick up my race packet or I shouldI  just go in with her to get it myself.  Well I went in and walked around a bit, which even on crutches I felt okay as we walked around.  Its funny cause most couples argue about infedelity or money or family and other things,  no no Penelope and I argue who is going to write a note or she thinks I should take a more active role in my life or something silly like I cant make up mind about what I want for dinner.  I love penelope to death…she makes my life spicy and interesting…some people think variety and spontenaity is the spice of life…no no for me Penelope is my spice in my life….her  and I share the belief that there are no other options but to work things out in this life….so I know that there are 2 volumes silent and yell….a quick relationship thought for today

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3 thoughts on “Silent and Yell

  1. highway

    yeah ms liz can also be the same way no biggie i love her

  2. highway

    oh there are really only two real sports that is auto racing and pbr nothing else even stacks up to them so enjoy your weekend sports fans

  3. JustMe

    Ya, apparently, only the females have the yell gene huh? Whatever!!!!

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