Low on Fuel

After 15yrs and change of being Navy,  I can honestly say that my fuel tank for this job is getting near empty.  I have been all over the world,  places like Diego Garcia, Japan, Australia and the South Pole just to name a few.  Whenever someone transfers they are usually invorgorated by a new duty station, new surroundings, new friends and sometimes a diffrent place in the country.  The idea that you can put a BAD TOUR behind you and start fresh makes a Sailor feel like they can accomplish anything in their current situation.  Unfortunately for me,  the last 3 years have been not only physically taxing but mentally exhausting.  My tour on the USS Bataan ended well with me getting CAPPED to first class and I felt like the ensuing shore duty would help out mentally.  In October is when I really started to feel like the replenishment I was looking for was not going to happen.  While being put out on disability is a possiblility, the 20 year letter is what means the most to me.  So really the only choice I have is to grind it out for the next 4 and half years….a quick tired thought…

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4 thoughts on “Low on Fuel

  1. In the beginning we’re all charged up Go GO lets make it happen!!But as we get close to that twenty year mark we begin to realize that all that go go is gone.It’s not like it was when it started.There have been too many changes.There have been too many dissapointments We’ve seen too much,heard too much,been hurt too often.You get tired, and disgusted.Not that civilian world is any better,John Q American is a space cadet.Even though he may have worn the uniform himself,he does not understand the career men and women.Patriotism is something that happens twice a year as far as he’s concerned.That twenty year letter,the Pension, and compensation from the VA for the beating we took protecting these people

  2. slickman

    slickman here for his weekly comments. hey steve 20 years is a long time to do one thing but 4 years goes buy fast hang in ther you can do it. I will come down in august and run that race with you if you like as long as some one knows cpr just in case I need it. I like sports like football and lacross. if you can,t knock somebody on there ass it,s not a mans sport. yesturday a crane wen,t down in the city and we lost some good men so I ask every body to say a prary for them. well thats it for tonight. may god bless the ones that need it the most and the rest of us will wait untill its hour turn. good night every body.

  3. Mislead

    So Pop, what your saying is anyone that did NOT retire after 20 is a space cadet that doesn’t understand the career men and women. Do you even recognize that women can be career military? Hmmm, interesting. Also, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Patriots Day or Veterans Day is the only time that Joe Public is patriotic. Hmmmm, again interesting. WRONG!!! But, interesting. Word of advise Pop, be careful what you say and who you say it in front of. From what I can tell, your own daughter-in-law will agree with me. Penelope was military I believe. She would shake her head at your comment.

  4. Forgive my candor,but we old soldiers that have lived through nightmares like Vietnam and some of the other rumbles before and since see average Joe American a little different than you do.To us the three times a year patriot is quite real.As for Penelope I make exception because she makes her life with a career Sailor,in addition to her own time in uniform. I’llmake that same exception for the rest of my family.But I’m still waiting for the day that one of those old Vietnam protestors thanks me for my service. I’ll wait forever since I know it will never happen. If my rancor offends you I’m sorry,but if you wear or ever wore the uniform,you understand why I feel the way I do

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