The good thing is that we didnt have to pay the bills for all my medical stuff, which by looking at how much it all adds up to so far would have broken most people.  But since their was a break down in communication between tricare and JHH, two of the bills that are due to JHH have not been paid.  So the fucking assholes at tricare and all concerned have seemed to wreck my credit report.  Today I received a collection note from some company called OSI saying they want their money.  I am not writing a check when these douchebags at tricare should have already paid the bill.  Thats what I get for trusting these fucking leach assholes.  Looks like tomorow I will have to call up and yell as someone AGAIN.  So not only do I get unlucky enough to get an illness, I get lucky enough to deal with some stupid asses at tricare.  There are two companies I truly despise…the Chimney Hill Association which are bunch of stupid ass pimps..and Tricare which are bunch of credit ruining dumb ass motherfucking douchebag assholes….if you dont like what I wrote here then dont comment…I dont need your comments to survive on this blog…just a quick upset and pissed off that some asshole has ruined my credit thought…

The above picture is the the kind of dumb ass motherfuckers that work at TRICARE

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