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For the first time since I have known Penelope she totally disagrees with my choice of a birthday gift (17 May hint hint).  I was thinking of a Remington 30-06 or 300 Mag, yes they of course are rifles you would use for hunting bambi type animals.  So now  you see now there in lies the unrest in the household.  Its not so much my choice of adult recreational item, as it is what I would be doing with that item.  Penelope is so totally against hunting for any reason although sometimes I get the idea that she would hunt me down if she could.  My dad and I have recently started talking about planning a camping trip maybe doing some hiking and hunting.  When I am up and can do some shopping I am thinking about buying the aforementioned item for said aforementioned use.  Hunting is one of those things, that I have never done and would like to try to see what its like plus being that my father and I have never really done that together this sounds like fun.   I figured this would be a good time I can take some leave and go up to New York and help keep down the deer population.  Penelope and I have also talked about a post-cancer/chemo gift and I believe a POWERFUL HUNTING RIFLE (arg arg ape noise) would be just the thing…..As you may have noticed I am also alot calmer then yesterday,  the two situations I described seem to have  either a solution in the works or have been resolved without any loss of life or destruction of property….Had a good appointment today and I feel good right now.  Penelope and I have some appointments tomorow, where I am hoping some medical stuff will be removed from my body….just some of lifes issues today…

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3 thoughts on “Life Stuff

  1. I’m still working on where.Have to sort out which is still rifle friendly, and which has since turned shotgun. I’m getting the runaround about Suffolk.More than likely upstate,or PA.There we can camp,hike and shoot.Just a quick thought and I’ll get it a squared away.Now I have to work on the next instalmnet of my blog

  2. highway

    steve go with the rem 700 (300 win mag) i myself like the 338 lapua magnum or better still the rem 700 (300 ultra mag has great stopping power anyways the women dont understand us riflemen me i think i might either purchase a browning or weatherby rifle love ya bro

  3. capt

    hi youll dont like guns and dont hurt animals that Penelope sounds smart will youll let me talk to her zman were is that cute pup
    roc on zman

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