Life’s Decisions

Another day spent at the hospital although its not all bad news like the past. Dr Balsamo the surgeon took out the drain in my knee woo hoo, but Dr Patell decided to leave the picc line in my arm.  Home health care might take the picc line out at home when the antibiotics are done.  Its just slides out of the incision, once the stitch is cut .  Like many of life’s happenings not all the news is good in some cases.  The appointment with the hematology dr was less uplifting then the appointments earlier in the day.  We sat and talked about chemotherapy, the stuff we didnt know the doctor filled in the blanks and the more I listened it seemed the gloomier the information became.  For instance the drugs that are administered for chemo studies have shown that some could cause leukemia in some cases later in life.  The regiment is also an inpatient process, which basically boils down to one week a month until august.  Penelope and I went back and forth about whether I would be ready for Matts wedding in July.  I will be there drawn horses and drunk maniacs could not and will not tear me away…I will be there to stand up for my brother THATS A PROMISE to him.  So yeah Penelope and I are going to sit and talk about chemo and what is best for us.  Right now as I write, I am leaning towards doing it,  I am relatively young and the it will not do any harm.  I am convinced that this Cancer will not return that is and will always be my mantra.  I am lucky in the form of cancer I got in that it was not the type that will fight you for life, but the battle afterwards  seemed uphill.  Life decisions’ often happen at the damndest times in your life, one day you are rolling and everything is coming up lucky 7 with everyone betting the next the tunnel gets dark and you are on your own. Its that simple and that profound… least thats what I think today

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