Does the Boss care anymore!

Like every American I let most tv commercials go right over my head, I watch them like a mindless drone and only notice really neat facets.  But for the first time in my life I am starting notice how tv really tries the help improve the human condition.  Recently I just read that as a country we spent 6 Billion dollars on war that we seem to be lost with no way out.  As a country we have serious problems that we cannot even get to because our money and energy is spent on a lost cause.  The reason i rant about this is, I just saw a commercial about fibermyalgia and how it effects people and their bodies. How can we as a country expect to do scientific studies on these illnesses and others like them if THEIR IS NO MONEY TO DO SO.  Restless leg syndrome, Fibermyalgia, Irritable Bowel Syndrome,  Cateracs,  Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, Child Luekemia are just a few things that every day Americans in the world deal with and are getting lost because the people that need to care DONT.  As A navyman, I should support the boss but I am losing faith in the bossman.  It will not matter if the war on terror is won overseas if there is nobody at home when its over.  I cannot in good conscience vote for someone that does not care about his fellow americans at home.  Those tv commercials are about every day americans and the help that they need. Its my greatest hope that when america goes to the polls they think about the human condition at home and not about the 6 billion dollars that is going overseas and getting lost in a desert that most americans lost faith in 2 to 3 years ago… name is ZMAN and I approve this message

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6 thoughts on “Does the Boss care anymore!

  1. shantyman

    Holy &^%$t. I am way behind and before I comment on your rant of the day, I need to quickly send a request out to Liz.. DO NOT LET HIGHWAYMAN BUY A GUN!!!!! First, he will be footless in about three seconds, and second, watch out the rest of the world

    OK, back to the war. I agree we should support our troops but I agree with you. It is getting harder to deal with a countries that do not understand democracy and were seamingly better off before we came. Yeah, maybe 100 years from now they will be better but the US started their democracy by running away from their homeland. Now, I think the costs are closer to $500 Billion. With that money we could make this country stronger, hell build a whole fence around the entire US if you want to, feed the poor, send ALL kids to college for free, etc.

    This country can be arrogant and blind at times and it is a shame. In addition, we do not win alot. Look at Somalia, afghanistan, etc.

  2. As a man who supported blind ambition during Vietnam,I am prone to continue to remain dedicated to the Conservative line.However I now see the other side of the war as it is seen here on the homefront.I now know and understand that my fellow Americans are angry,frightened,and sick of elected leadership that does not care about us. Zman is absolutley correct and he is not alone.Along with the true feelings of our Armed Forces, there are the true feelings of all our Vets It is time to get out of the business of being the world Police.Moreover it is time to remember an old adage “Charity begins at home.”There is so much wrong with this country that has too be fixed.We have a lot of problems and it seems that we either cannot or will not address them.Poverty,healthcare,homelessness,crime,the enviroment,our seniors,our Veterans,and better health benefits, and more money for those who wear this country’s uniforms.I have not even chipped the tip of the iceburg

  3. liz

    As usual I have to agree with the Zman… our country is spending millions of $ in the middle east instead of addressing the issues at home such as homelessness, high taxes & lack of funding for medical research. (maybe zman should run for public office – just a thought).

    To Shantyman: I think you’ve forgotten that highwayman was in the military & is quite proficient in the use of firearms, besides I trust his judgement completely…. xoxo, liz

  4. highway

    well as always some folks dont get it well shanty my boy youve forgotten i was military i can handle any firearm also ive owned many guns in the past well i guess you gotta be informed as far as bosses well z-man im lucky i got good bosses at the flpk dpw im a happy camper well all have a great weekend


  5. highway


  6. slickman

    hey steve. L ate friday night just up to read the blog. You are so right to much money over seas. I think it,s all about the oil. I wish they would just end the war and bring our boys home. The county would be a better place if we spent the money at home. Hey highway man you are a good person but you should know that some things don,t go together like me and beer and you and guns. liz please help us. well thats all I have for to night. I must go and look at my head and see how much hair I lost today. Good night to ever body that realy give a dam. And god bless the rest.

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