Bucket List

Everyone takes a look at their life at one point or another and wonders what life would have been like if this or that had happen at one time.  I never thought that Cancer would happen to me, I was one of them people that always thought it would happen to somebody else.  While I dont have wish for my life to end anytime soon, like many others I do have a bucket list.  Running a full marathon has always been something I wanted to do.  Never met a famous person, well talk to bruce willis in an elevator in malibu but everyone was half in the bag so that doesnt count.  A few laps around a racetrack in a big time nascar would be exciting, or piloting a small aircraft would be neat as well.  My life has brought me alot of luck in that I have been too more then a few countries….Paris and Russia have not been among them so I add those places to the list…Red Square and the Eiffel Tower woo hoo.  Hopefully the old man sees it in his wisdom to give me more then enough time to cross things on my bucket list.

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4 thoughts on “Bucket List

  1. JustMe

    You got about 50 years to go baby. You aint goin’ nowhere!!

  2. Mom

    I’m with Just me you can go to every place on you bucket list, and do all the things you want too. I wish I had the courage and strength you have Keep Smiling

  3. I think back over my life and say things were not that bad.I have a successful marriage and four great sons.I have four wondrful daughters in law,6 wonderful grandchildren, a new nephew and a grand dog.I had a good Military career,a good civilian career.Life in my senior years is good, and there are still a g few things I’m looking forward to ,being at Matt’s marriage,going hunting with Steve, and living to see my 50th wedding anniversary in 2012.Mom and I have 5 years till then.Also I would like to get that book published in the next couple of years

  4. shantyman

    Well, with no offense to Penelope because I share here wishes (50 years though only depends on who is changing your depends) but there are some things there that we should do together, although I want to be Jack N. Instead of hunting Bambie (sorry Dad), we should race cars or have tank races( I saw an advertisement for tank races). as far as celebrities, well I have had my fill (what about Spike Lee?) but in order to do, you must commit to it.

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