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Vice Presidential Politics

Okay I said a while back that Obama would run for president so now I will make a prediction about who will our next vice president..Mcain needs to choose a moderate that is strong on the economy and has wide appeal in the south and and the North..the Governer of Florida is the more the likely choice…Obama needs to choose someone that has strong foreigh policy exp as well as someone who can help bring the troops home and fix the economy two choices come to mind…Condi Rice …or Gov Richardson..or a really safe bet a military figure a ret gen colin powell one of those 3….Hillary would pick someone like  Robert Gates either way she cant beat Mcain ….just a quick political thought

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The best crew around

Just enjoying the springtime down here in the midatlantic, I love this place in the spring the weather is perfect.  Went back to work today, everybody there is great (except John, for a dept head that guy must have emotional trouble) asking hows things, good to see you, how you feeling so on and so forth.  It is truly a special place to work, I feel blessed working around folks that genuinely care so much. My mother sent us a present cause I said Penelope wanted a mom is the best she keeps the smile of life bright…just a quick thought

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Springtime in the Mid Atlantic

Springtime in the midatlantic is finally here..i love sitting outside just enjoying the weather.  With another session done felt good to sit around and take in the sun..have a few things planned for tomorow going to lowes with penelope..looking at this and that.  She wants to buy a grill in the worst way but we need other things first  new garage door, new fence..a sitting swing etc so on so forth..anyways i am feeling better and looking forward to more days in the sun…just a quick sunny thought

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