Waking up Zman

There are times in my life when i wonder what it would like to be someone else, you ever meet someone that has never been sick, there marriage is perfect, they love there job and they say they have the perfect childern.  I would love to be one of them persons but there is no way that all exists……i suppose that is the grass is greener on the other side issue.  I love who I am, never mind things that have happened. I have the perfect wife and the best dog in the world.  So I would say waking up ZMAN is working good right now. No kids thank god have been lucky.  I love being a navyman but i am ready to retire, and move on to something else..i feel old…i know i will be stronger cause of this cancer and i hope it brings my closer to my spiritual center……maybe i can wake up ZEN one day…just quick realiztion thought 

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6 thoughts on “Waking up Zman

  1. Mom

    Hi Stephen
    Waking up as someone else no thank you. I haven’t had the perfect life but I am proud of everything I have done. Mostly of my great sons, beautiful daughter-in-laws 6 of the greats grandchildren, a new grandson, and oh yes my granddog. Also very proud of the work I do with my soldiers. I know I sometimes to tell people how much I care about them, but you all know that I love you or at least I hope you do Remember keep Smiling

  2. JustMe

    and you are the husband there is on the whole planet..the whole solar system…the whole universe…in all of infnity..

  3. JustMe

    I meant the BEST husband…

  4. shantyman

    Guys….I know there is a lot going on but what’s with the maple syrup? If I did not know better, I would think we were all at St. Patty’s day party at 4am slobbering in each other’s ears. Ok, so I love you all too.

  5. JustMe

    Shantyman. Your just jealous!

  6. The grass looks greener on the other side,so some cross over and then look back and see that the grass looks pretty green where they just came from.Was it the rose colored glasses they were wearing,or just utter contempt for their present situation.What am I saying here? Simply be satisfied with who you are,what you’ve accomplished.In short thank the Lord for what he has given you.Gramps put it this way
    “You know what you got,but you don’t know what you’re gonna get ” I believe you’ll like my next blog:It will either be about Pope mania in NYC,or I am really thinking of doing one about why I am glad that I moved here to Glen Cove

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