In remeberance

Its right and just that we remember MLK and all that he tried to do for civil rights god rest his sould this very day.  I would have like to hear him speak or maybe meet him and shake his hand that would have been neat.  But how come nobody remembers other big historical events.  I was just talking to someone and they didnt know who hit the the shot heard round the world. Its certainly not MLK news part its very much a part of our americana.  Ill give you hint after the shot one of the most famous mantras is yelled for minute or so…..all I am saying is why are americans selective about what they remember…just a quick question

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2 thoughts on “In remeberance

  1. I think people are more likely to remember sad events such as assassinations of famous people, natural disasters, and wars. The emotions they felt through these events tend to stick around long afterward.

  2. Pop

    It was the morning of the 18th of April1775 When a band of about seventy minute men faced a regiment of about 700 British soldiers under the command of Gen John Gage at the Commons in Lexington MA.An argument followed by a single shot touched off a battle that lasted about 15 minutes.When it was over eight minute men lay dead and twelve wounded
    To this day no one knows just who fired that shot heard round the world

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