Live! from here

Sitting here and I just do not feel well, cant seem to take a full breath yeah this is not what I had envisioned when i was a bitty boy as a healthy life.  I certainly didnt see myself hitting a game winning homerun to win the world series and beat the yankees but sitting here in my bathrobe wheezing was not on the agenda as well.  Must have something to do with those liquids marked as biohazard and skull and crossbones.  And just think I asked for that, what in christmas name and all is holy was I thinking.  Do it…it will help is what all the health professionals say lets not forget they go home at 3 and dont have to hear your whining voice til the next day..there is something unequal about that…the shot today which Penelope corrected me on hurt like a banjee suppose to build up white blood cell for heaven sake where is the drug that makes you feel like you felt pre cancer diagnosis thats the freakin one i need.  So I sit here at 1207 EST waiting to stop wheezing and coughing so I can a meezly few hours sleep so i can deal with this ALL OVER AGAIN TOMOROW…wow now this is the life….or maybe it was the 2 mountain dews i had bout and hour ago so who knows

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3 thoughts on “Live! from here

  1. Steve I guess this is part of chemo treatment.Don’t know anything about it.But I do know that you are strong and this will pass. Mom just told me that there are two doves sitting on my balconey.Maybe that’s a good sign.

  2. highway

    steve whats new hey hang in there it will get better you are an inspiration and a great strenght of courage bravery hope i want you to know that liz and i love you very much any way say hey to lisa and yes the z-man ill call ya during week


  3. Mom

    Stephen just keep strong and you will get thru this I promise. Just keep Smiling

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