Alternate Universe

One thing that has always piqued my curiousity is the WHAT IF factor, you really only get to appreciate it when you get a little more mature and some of life happenings, happen to you.  I had a pretty ho hum childhood and adolescensce and cant really remember to many, if any WHAT IF times.  Jobs were scarce for me when I was a late teen and early 20 so I think the Navy was pretty much in my design, college interested me but not enought to make me say Oh yeah I want to go their.  And I dont remember any girls that I thought oh she is my soulmate.  I want to say the first alternate universe moment came when it came time to pick orders in  AZ “A” school, i did well in school and their they were VP-47 Barbers Pt HI and as sure as hell I can remember the Key West Orders were there and there were a set to Patuxent River Md.  So that afternoon was my first introduction to WHAT IF.  There have been others since then a chance to recruit in New York vice New England or go to Instructer duty in Groton CT.  Its funny you dont think about things like that all the time, but every once in a while everyone when they are by themselves says WHAT IF I Had OR Hadnt done that.  Its okay its human nature to wonder aloud,  lifes’ regrets comes when you say I WISH I HAD or HADNT dont that.  To me worse thing in the world to walk away with a fear or a regret leaves a person wishing the Alternate Universe didnt exist..well hey whatta you think..its late..and I feel dreadful..just a thought take it for what its worth……

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4 thoughts on “Alternate Universe

  1. Mom

    My what if is that picture what if the person taking the picture didn’t just focus in on Matt

  2. capt

    teeshirt here just my what if that i could someday meet a nice girl like youll have and maybe get a pup but a big one i guess what if is like wishen
    zman youll roc

  3. highway

    yeah great pic of the mcd clan hey cant help that im hot and happening dont hate the player he he he he

  4. soon 2B mcD

    Yes sweetie (highwayman), you are hot & happening…nice pic of the mcD clan.

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