Zman under the weather

Zues was a little under the weather here past couple of days.   So we took him to the vet office and they did what they had to get him back to normal ankle biting good health.  Its tough having a pet and being this connected to him.  This is not the first time that we thought we might have to make the decision to put him to sleep. Thank god both times the situation was not nearly what we thought it was.  The little guy has had a few surgeries and is bothered by reoccuring bladder stones, so in some ways he has had it rough….but this time he is back and looks to be up to old tricks and hijinks…a quick canine thought

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3 thoughts on “Zman under the weather

  1. Mom

    Hi Stephen
    Glad to hear you are better and back to work This must be sick time for the McD clan. Hope zues is better love the picture. Keep Smiling

  2. I also had a pet once. He was run over by a car. It was quite sad.

    P.S. I wish my own mom even knows what a blog is.

  3. Mom

    Stephen please tell leafless that your mom only knows what a blog his because of her grandsons.

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