I am truly blown away by the generosity of my brother.  Penelope and I are planning the July Wedding trip and out of the blue my brother offered to let me stay in the new house that him and his future wife (my future sister in law) are planning on moving into.  Please dont let this sound like sarcasm because its not, it moves me to tears to know that he is giving up something so Penelope and I can be comfortable and save some coin.  Over the years in the past my brother have not always been close, some of that my shortsightedness other  just sibling rivalry.  When I got sick he was the first one that called and offered to hop in the car and drive down here for anything that I needed.  I am his best man in July but my big brother is definelty the best man in the room.  Thanks for always being there..I will send of list of stuff that will be required for Penelope and I comfort..and will you be picking me up at the airport ahahahahahaha no just playing.  I have had and continue to have heroes in my life my big brother is most definetly my hero…..just a quick family thought

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7 thoughts on “Generosity!

  1. That’s what Family is all about Steve . As Matt puts it we are the McD family,and we are ONE family all of us Love Pop

  2. Mom

    Stephen we all care about you and Penelope. You are our rock and our strength, you are the baby but you put us all to shame. Don’t remember who said it (must be a senior moment) That when one of us bleeds we all bleed and I am finding that very true. Matt is not such a bad guy, he does things his way which is always bad, just different
    Keep Smiling

  3. highway

    steve we are brothers till the end thru thick thin look casa de mcd is no ritz carlton but consider it your home liz and i ove you very much so as i once again always say we the 4 brothers are like the four horseman we stay together we kick ass together we stand up for each other and yes im not a bad guy your right im your brother hey steve I LOVE YOU

  4. highway



  5. soon 2B McD

    All this mushy stuff is giving me a toothache (LOL). Stevie, just let me know do you like firm or soft pillows? There will be food in fridge ( hot pockets & cheerios or do you want some fruity pebbles?) and a place to sleep. If you are flying up here, Islip/MacArthur airport is just 15 mins. from us. Southwest airlines flies here.
    Anyway just looking forward to having Lisa & you with us. xoxo liz

  6. JustMe

    Thanks for the offer Matt and Liz. We will take some Captain Crunch and flat pillows please. 🙂 Hey baby, look, another sister-in-law that calls you “STEVIE!” Ha ha ha ha

  7. shantyman

    I will speak for myself, sometimes in life it is easy to get caught up the day to day hustle and loose track with what is really important. Thanks for bringing it back home Z

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