At least its been like that before!

Most men that I know are freaked out at the thought of losing there hair.  One of the best things I have done in my life that gave me peace of mind was shave my head.  I did it a few times on recruiting duty and whenever I went to sea I shaved it before we got underway.  Nothing worse then letting some young kid who has been in the Navy all of 2 months say (Oh yeah i can do a great high and tight) then I look like Matty.  Just kidding bro!!!!…..anyways so what brings this up….well ran my fingers through my hair and pulled out some hairs enough where you know that I will probably look like powder here in a few days… I dont care Vanity is not one of my sins…I have a cool pair of sunglasses and some things are just a fact of life….at least in my life right now…I feel okay though and the next session  starts next monday.  Lisa has offered to see if I can use the tanning booth at her gym to keep from looking like powder and blinding people with my Kojaklike appearance…yeah yeah Who loves you baby…..just a quick balding thought…

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One thought on “At least its been like that before!

  1. Man, I love my hair. My barber has tried to shave it a few times, but I rejected him every time. 🙂

    P.S. He were just kidding, apparently.

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