Ok yeah whatever

…I was just hit with the thought that Life does actually happen to you when you are making grand plans for it AND THAT Superheros actually do exist.  This has been the damndest experience for me since October.  I was one of those people that thought I had things FIGURED OUT.  There is no way that is possible.  I am not saying everyone needs to experience what I have been and going through to get it all figured out.  But Cmon, there is a older lady in NMCP on the Oncology Ward she is about 50 or 60 going through chemo fighting a double cancer.  No One is going to tell me she does NOT have Superhero qualities. Her most important thing during the day is fight to live..she makes me rethink my life what is important and the THINGS THAT ARE TRULY IMPORTANT DAY TO DAY…she was going about her life when BAM..I wonder is she had things figured out….That project that is due at work is important and taking care of family is too..but cmon where does work rate in comparison to Wonder Womans’ priorities (The abovementioned women)…Ill tell you how I see it…the damndest things happen in life when you are making grand plans for it….Penelope just said where do I get these stupid comments..just quick realization thought

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10 thoughts on “Ok yeah whatever

  1. shantyman

    This is a tough one brother because everyone will agree with you but nobody will live by it, usually until it is too late (hence the move “Bucket List”) Everyone is filled with stories of the guy who retired but kicked days later, etc. We all know, at least intellectually speaking, what is important and how we should prioritize but the only problem is that life, responsibilities, obligations, get in the way. I would love to sit back and do the things we talk about whether its ride across country, visit every ball field or sit and scratch our b&^lls while we watch the weeds grow but the reality of life is that in order to do that stuff you need money and time. The money does not come unless we work which eats up all the time.

  2. Anonymous

    Shantyman and Zman you are both very wise men. How did you get that way. It seems like you were just smart —kids. We all still have to take time to stop and smell the flowers. Zman just learned it before the rest of us

  3. capt

    teeshirt here how youll doing sorry about the hair and the stomach ache. guess you just like that green jello nice bald head maybe when youll get un sick youll come and see me i have some really cool
    zman you roc

  4. Steve go back and read my blog Life in the retired lane (January)Life is what you make it,and that includes retirement.Could I have worked another five or ten years,I suppose I could have.But I had reached that point that retired pay was worth more than the weekly check.Now I make more than I did working for the town and Army combined.Shanty is right,If you’re going to retire to the rocking chair than do not retire.Others retire from one job and go to work somewhere else.Uncle sam loves these people They will never see their way over the top of their W4 form They will always be paying him,to say nothing of what it does to their SSB.In some ways Shanty has his finger on the pulse Some people must continue to work regardless.This is a question that you and Penelope must decide for yourselves.It is OK for some one like yourself to finish one career and start another.Most Military do that. When/If you leave the Navy it is part of your life that will always be with you.In my heart I’m a soldier, and I will be until the day I die.Personally I would rather that the Lord send Soldiers for me instead of the Angels.Getting back to you my Son I am sure that you and your Lady already have some plan of action worked out,all you have to do is make sure that all the Is’are dotted and all,the Ts are crossed.Retirement for you will merely be leaving one career and beginning another

  5. soon 2 B mcD

    None of us knows what surprises life will throw at us… that’s why we need to make the most of the time we are given on earth. For some it may be earning enough money to allow your family to live comfortably, while for others it means having quality time with family & friends.

    If you can make at least one person happy everyday then you’re ahead of the game… but don’t forget to do something for yourself.

  6. Hey Z sorry bout that I’m a gittin old what can I say . Yep sometimes see things that jist ain’t there. Got to be careful bout readin dem blogs

  7. JustMe

    Must have been another Penolope. I never called that saying stupid. Baby, you ok? You losing it along with your hair? You look sexy bald anyway.

  8. slickman

    hey steve hope all is well . sorry I have not posted in a while . but i read all the time. life is funny the way it unfolds you just never know whats up next. bald is ok . i was bald for some time . the women loved it. the one thing we all learnd from this is we must take time too enjoy the time we have on this plante. well time is short to night. good night god bless

  9. I don’t know if superheroes do exist, but I know heroes do exist. Everyone of us can be a hero. All we need to do is to do our job and do it well.

    Our most important responsibility on this earth is to live. The old lady has realized this and so she is fighting accomplish just that.

  10. heroes do exist> Jesus Christ!

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