plugging along

This past week has been fairly miserable, their have only been a one or two days since the the 1st session ended that I have felt okay, most other days I will call them hit by truck days.  My hair is gone, I shaved off what had not fell out yet. The back of my black tshirt looked like a lint brush, so I figured I would beat  nature to the punch on that…next session starts on monday and should go through Fri Am…Penelope has been my rock through she told me to get off the couch and stop feeling sorry for myself..go outside its beautiful out what she said.  Couple of things that come to mind right now for some odd reason..(my family still calls me Stevie, a guy I knew growing up names Pete Oshea died in a pool, my head hurts right now, my nieces and nephews are one of the reasons that I keep up the fight they keep the smile of life bright especially T-Bone (and extremely bright and gifted one), my mother always showed great confidence in me as a child she is by far one of my favorite persons in this world.  I dont know I suppose…..ah who knows its late and I am tired..a quick rambling thought

(The above photo is King Neptune, a 15ft high sculpture that sits on the boardwalk in Virginia Beach, he is holding a trident in one hand and sea creature in another it is truly a site to see)

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7 thoughts on “plugging along

  1. Friend of Lisa's


    Having been there, I know chemo is not a fun journey…hang tough…and Penelope is right, the sunshine does wonders for the body and soul… Short brief walks in the sunshine by the ocean really lifted me both physically and emotionally while going through treatment. Sending hugs your way.

    Friend of Lisa’s

  2. Mom

    I don’t call you Steve or Stevie I called you weasel because you got in and out of everything with out people knowing. Yes Lisa’s friend is right get out at look at the son and smell the flowers, if you don’t I may be forced to come down there and give you a what for with the wooden spoon.

  3. shantyman

    OK, Weasel it is from here on in. Remember Weasel, what does not kill you makes you stronger. When you come out the other side of this you will be a stronger man with a hell of a lot more appreciation of the world around you. Do not forget this and do not let yourself fall into the same complacent place many of us find ourselves in. I have had some interesting experiences in my life. Some you know about and some you don’t but all have not been taken lightly and I reflect back at how it changed my life. I do not forget and will never regret them. So, as hard as it may seem, it will get better and a few years from now, when your hair grows back (or what little was there to begin with) we will sit back and say holy shit that was close!!!

  4. capt

    teeshirt here youll are very luckie youll seem to have a bunch of nice folks that like youll hair is hair youll can always wear a wig ha only laides wear wigs. penople sounds like a nice person youll luck.
    zman youll roc

  5. Steve again Mike is right Things will get better,and yes your hair will come back.I cannot possiblyknow what you feel,since I have never gone thru what you’ve been thru.But I do know this you’re on the back side of the mountain It’s almost over. I remember that Doctor telling us that there was less than 10% chance of this ever coming back.This is one of the things I’ll never understand about chemotheapy It is the only treatment that causes this hair loss Direct rad treatment like you had won’t do that Pop

  6. highway

    steve hey hang in there remember the four horseman are the toughesthey i went thru hell when i lost tatyanna but i got thru the darkness you will too remember you are a tower of strength and power liz and i love you


  7. highway


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