I love this blog

I added a little link what blog is worth…woo hoo No No I am not selling.  Trying to make this more like a website…I was going to shut down the blog after this life crisis had been completed but I think I will keep it going and turn it into a more of a website…just a quick thought

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7 thoughts on “I love this blog

  1. highway

    yeah keep the blog going yeah yeah

  2. Mom

    Keep it going we enjoy hearing you thoughts and ideas Keep Smiling OH how about showing that picture of the cute little curly head person

  3. shantyman

    I actually have a pic of you when you were about 6 yrs old and the hair was bright red and curly, like Lucille Ball. I could always post if you need. On another note, did you see Lewis Black? The guy cracks me up. I read his book, some parts are real funny.

    And I am sorry, if it was up to me, sell and start a new one!

  4. Yep keep it going.Between your blog,my opinion rant,and Liz’s blog,we have the corner on the Blogosphere.I’ll tell ya Steve You’ve inherited something from me.You’re quite a writer.I want to be more controversial.I may back off my original design about not touching explosive issues.I want to make people think,make them mad,even if they call me names Let me know what you think. But keep this great blog of yours going pop sends

  5. highway

    highway in the house

  6. parkway

    Parkway in the house!

  7. I’m glad you have decided to continue your blogging. Keep it going!

    P.S. It would be great if we can sell our blogs. But blogs are like antiques. Theoretically, they should worth something but no one will actually buy them.

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