Week 2 Day 1

Like the glutton for punishment that I am, here we start another week.  Hopefully this one will not be as bad but who knows well have to see.  Brought some CHARMED items this time to make this go a little smoother.  I am sure in a few days I will be saying No Mas but wind up here in 3 weeks.  Really the only down side right now is no phone card so I have to hoof it over to another ward..cause not every ward gets internet.  Boo Hoo me right thats what they are saying…yeah well fooey on you ….changing the format for the blog trying to find the best fit for my thoughts.  The chemo is not that bad, if isnt wasnt for the cherry juice (adriamycin) needing to be connected for 24-7 this would be an outpatient thing.  And that was because I complained about the side effects..the doc said this was the best course for future health reasons..Moms had a test done she is feeling much better..thats good cant have my heroes going down for health reasons, it was a heart thing cant see how she has the biggest and strongest and most giving of anyone I know…just a quick inpatient thought

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6 thoughts on “Week 2 Day 1

  1. Mom

    See the doctor told me I do have a heart even though you guys thought that I did’nt I know baby child will be fine you have good German/Irish blood. Keep Smiling

  2. parkway

    Parkway in the house

  3. roadway

    Roadway in the house

  4. expressway

    Expressway in the house

  5. streetnumber

    Streetnumber in the house

  6. Anonymous

    Ok guys heroes are gone and the ways are in town.
    Does that mean we are traveling? Were are we going and can I join in on the trip

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