Putting my life on hold!

Hospital stays  are weird in that you put your life on hold, life goes on blissfully unaware of anyones plight in the world.  I try to read, and do school work and get on the coomputer and generally keep up on the world around me.  I think I can go outside but some nurses are more finicky about that then others.  Worrying that the metal tree I am umbilicalled to will fall down and cause a hazmat spill (thats what happens when this stuff spills basically.)  Good thing this only last a week then back to normal or as normal as you can get.  Anyone that wants to know what this is like …live in your bedroom for a week and dont go outside, have people bring you food and lock the windows and dont open them…thats sort of what its lke without the metal tree of course…..just a quick thought from the hospital

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8 thoughts on “Putting my life on hold!

  1. shantyman

    Is Bill with you!

  2. No No bill doesnt work on this ward thank goodness

  3. Hope you are better!

  4. Hey Steve Think of it this way. You’re in the home stretch now.This Chemo is like insurance It will soon,and you can get your life back on track.Recalling some of my hazmat training, I thing they would slide through their asses if that happened.No just do as they ask of you Continue your studies,read,write.Watch lots of TV and of course eat your meals and get lots of rest

  5. Mom

    That sure is a cute picture of cow boy Bill. Yes I do know how you feel I have been there but not with the same illness,being sick isn’t fun. But when it’s all over look at the stories you have to tell. Don’t give the nurses a hard time, try and be nice,
    Keep Smiling

  6. shantyman

    Cowboy Bill??? Does mom know something I don’t know. I gotta say, that Pic is great! As soon as I saw it, not only did I laugh out loud, I remember. I think Riley looks alot like you. HMMMMMM T-bone says hi

  7. one of my favs pics as far as childhood went that one and the one with grandpa cutting the cake

  8. You are going to be fine. It may sound cheesy, but a Nintendo DS can come very handy.

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