Another tired day

Today is a fatigue day, one of those days when you feel like you have been hit by a bus, everything is a struggle..bathing..moving the 3 feet from the bed to the recliner.  I slept most of the day thank goodness for penelope she brings me food everyday she is the bright spot in my otherwise tired day.  But at least we are coming to the end of this week these past couple of days went fast next session we will be halfway thru this mess…just a quick tired thought

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4 thoughts on “Another tired day

  1. shantyman

    Dude, hang in there. we will sit in the yard and watch Slick build the shed. In fact, I may bring the wrist rocket so that we can amuse ourselves by hitting him in the ass as he works.
    Halfway home.

  2. Mom

    Poor Slick with the two of you micromanageing. I hope the shed goes up straight. May shanty could help out and zman could be the foreman that why you are all working. Good Luck

  3. highway

    bro hang in there we love you very much


  4. JustMe

    I think I will sit and watch all three of them walk around in circles and scratch thier heads. LOL haa haaa

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