Springtime in the Mid Atlantic

Springtime in the midatlantic is finally here..i love sitting outside just enjoying the weather.  With another session done felt good to sit around and take in the sun..have a few things planned for tomorow going to lowes with penelope..looking at this and that.  She wants to buy a grill in the worst way but we need other things first  new garage door, new fence..a sitting swing etc so on so forth..anyways i am feeling better and looking forward to more days in the sun…just a quick sunny thought

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5 thoughts on “Springtime in the Mid Atlantic

  1. highway

    yeah i hear you liz and i pretty much doing same thing we are getting finishing touches done on new house funny we shopping for grill too go figure ok well listen bro hang in there love ya

  2. Looking at my small garden on my terrace.The roses will be coming up soon but I do need to go out and buy some other plants.I see the mums will be blooming soon, and some of my tulips are growing.I look at these flowers and plants and think about my family, and how very lucky I am to have them Love pop

  3. highway

    yeah pop we all are lucky best yet is that family is expanding now little olivia and yes liz and john the mcd clan forever growing and loving

  4. slickman

    Hey steve. hang in there . when you are all done we will all go out and have a drink. We will look back at this event and praise you for all the courge you showed us. We will thank you for starting the blog. It has helped us feel your pain. Stevie for god is on your side I know this because he made the giants will the super bowl. I know this is.t fun and games now but when your done it will be nice time in your life. just like shanty said we will look back and say man that was close. look foward too seeing you on your birthday. I love you and you are the best. well thats all for now. good night to all who read this blog and may god bless the rest.

  5. Springtime is the best time of the year. It appears that you have done some good spring cleaning — your blog has a fresh new look. 🙂

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