The best crew around

Just enjoying the springtime down here in the midatlantic, I love this place in the spring the weather is perfect.  Went back to work today, everybody there is great (except John, for a dept head that guy must have emotional trouble) asking hows things, good to see you, how you feeling so on and so forth.  It is truly a special place to work, I feel blessed working around folks that genuinely care so much. My mother sent us a present cause I said Penelope wanted a mom is the best she keeps the smile of life bright…just a quick thought

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4 thoughts on “The best crew around

  1. JustMe

    Hey this wedding gift thing is catching on. THIS IS FUN!!!

  2. shantyman

    YOU GOT A GRILL!!!!! Man, all I used to get was the Bohack sneakers that used to wear out after a week and then I had to put cardboard in them (every day) for the next 6 months. And of course, it was always winter with 6″ of snow and I was walking to school in sub zero weather (up hill both ways). Man, the things you gotta do to get noticed!

  3. Mom

    Shantyman you put the smile on everyones face, you are really great. What about the orange hair and pony tail purple and black pants. You do things to get noticed and we loved it. Grill’s all around

  4. A grill at the zman’s house?? OK!! Hamburgers and Hotdogs coming right up.Corn on the cobb the way Shantyman does it,plenty of macaroni salad, and of course watermelon,cake and coffee YYYEEEAAAHHHH!!!!. I’m a comin!!I’m a comin this time We will take the Chesapeke bridge Pop

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