Vice Presidential Politics

Okay I said a while back that Obama would run for president so now I will make a prediction about who will our next vice president..Mcain needs to choose a moderate that is strong on the economy and has wide appeal in the south and and the North..the Governer of Florida is the more the likely choice…Obama needs to choose someone that has strong foreigh policy exp as well as someone who can help bring the troops home and fix the economy two choices come to mind…Condi Rice …or Gov Richardson..or a really safe bet a military figure a ret gen colin powell one of those 3….Hillary would pick someone like  Robert Gates either way she cant beat Mcain ….just a quick political thought

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2 thoughts on “Vice Presidential Politics

  1. Personally I believe that Obama has been hurt seriously by his former Pastor the Rev Wright, and I do not believe he is any longer any real threat to Mccain.As for
    Billary,She couldn’t beat either of them because she has a bloody Nincompoop that will deep six her best efforts, and will cost her the election..No one wants to see the Slickster in the White house again.I believe it is Brother John in 2008.

  2. I saw Clinton on The O’reilly Factor the last two nights. I think I may have had a change of heart. McCain is my pick for now, though. Obama is a great guy, but he is just too inexperienced.

    As for the VP picks, Obama needs a seasoned public official with a lot of military and foreign experience; but it also means that we will probably have the next Dick Cheney. McCain needs someone who has executive experience and is seen as capable of handling the economy. As we can clearly see, both Obama and McCain are flawed candidates. The power will probably lie on the hand of the vice president.

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