The girl, The Grill and the Grass

I called my brother yesterday and his daughter (my niece) answered the phone, she is all of 5 years old and very able to engage in conversation. We had a delightful conversation about the weather where she lives and how school is going and life in general. I dont remember that age but I dont believe I was quite the conversationalist or nearly as bright as the youngster, it almost made me jealous that she was was not my child.  Yes, yes Penelope bought a grill yesterday. She bought one of them big over the top ones with some neat bells and whistles, I almost forgot how much I love grilled burgers.  No Lowes trip is complete for Penelope if she does not buy an item that can be used outside. So she bought a weed wacker, I told her I really thought we didnt need one but she insisted it was the battery operated and it was easier to use then an electric one, forget that we have the same problems with the wire that cuts the weeds on the electric one and nothing is changed about the new one….I should just ban her from going to Lowes like a wife would a husband that always buys stuff at the local junk store..just a quick thought about stuff around the house….

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6 thoughts on “The girl, The Grill and the Grass

  1. Anonymous

    Ah, yes… 5 year olds are a special breed of humans. they always say what’s on their minds. Life is never boring around them… as for Penelope, the grill & the weed wacker… just be grateful she buys stuff that’s useful… at least she’s not buying over priced purses and shoes that cost more than a car payment!

  2. Mom

    Stephen I told you we had the smartest and cutest kids around in our family. The little ones are precious, but the big one’s are the best in sports, school and other activities. Our new member is a great actor and will go far. It’s good the none of them have rusty brain’s becuase they have red hair. We love you special one. I am glad Penelope is happy,
    Love and Hugs

  3. Up until I became a grandpa I had no idea what it was like to raise girls.Having raised sons I had some idea how to respond to Riley,Ryan and the Bone.As far as Grand daughters were concerned That was a whole new ball game.I find myself charmed and enchanted by the lovely Paige,she is quite the young lady..Lovely little Olivia is a wonder to behold.The beautiful young Cynthia is a trip and a half.She is the combination of annie Oakley,Wonder woman, and Wild Bill Hickok.I never know what’s going to happen next.Still in all I’m only Grandpa I have no idea what Mike and Joe go thru every day.

  4. shantyman

    At least Penelope has to go out to make questionable purchases. D has a tendency to wake up at 2am in the morning and buy all kids of stuff. We have AB rollers, bean chair workouts, video tapes, new pots and pans, and the list goes on. I may have to rent space to hold all of the useful stuff that is sold at 2 am in the morning.

  5. highway

    well im lucky liz is good she doesnot spend alot of money or buy alot of crap im fortunate but we are both frugal thats why i love my machula dearly

  6. JustMe

    No crap here. I buy only what we need. No questionable purchases either. 🙂

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