Busy Day on the Ranch

Finally got my new garage door today, looks great its one of those with the keypad and the automatic opener.  Growing up we always had garage door that had a handle (We didnt actually have a garage door and the garage well thats a story for my therapist should I ever have one) these days Garages’ dont have handles on them.  To help out with my sunshine therapy we also had our outdoor swing delivered..oh man you ever take a nap outside in the sun mmm.  And the carpenter dude came by to measure the fence that we need to get replaced.  Penelope pointed out today that their is a problem with the last chemo session, I will be on an airplane heading towards New York during my neutropenic period.  So either the Oconologist will either move up the last session and make June a miserable month or schedule it after i get back.  Or I could not do it and call it done after the 4th session.  I havent decided yet…some decisions are tougher then others I guess..just a quick thought from the ranch

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5 thoughts on “Busy Day on the Ranch

  1. highway

    yeah things around house sometimes are a real challenge but hey its ok any hows liz and i are here for you we love ya bro

  2. Being busy is always a good thing. 🙂

  3. shantyman

    I gotta tell you, if it weren’t for kids, I would probably opt for apartment living. With a house, it is one thing after another. “Honey do” lists when you live in an apt are “super do” lists which is a good thing. But, as the saying goes “Kay so what so what” (Spelling aside). My recommendation, do the last treatment in June and get to over with. Do not give that thing any reason to come back.

    Slick may be on his way down. call me when he gets there. He has some plans to make for July

  4. Steve consider this possility: ask yourself “How long does it take before I begin to feel better,a week,two weeks?”Weigh this against your planned departure for NY date. Overall Shanty has the best solution,but only you can make this choice.Sit down with Penelope put your heads together and decide which is best:June or after the wedding. One other thougt Is it worth your while to tell the Doc it is over after the 4th session?What will the Doc advise? Love Pop

  5. Mom

    Ok here is a word from the wise one. You have to do what you think is best, and if the doctor agrees do it. What ever decision you make will be the right one for you. You always do the right thing (well almost always)

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