Who needs hair

Hello people out there in blog land. This blog is powered by slickman. Yes I am down here  in VA. And as you know if you come down here you get to guest blog.  Steve looks good and has a good out look on the whole thing he is bald but still beautiful. I told him that hair is overrated he laughed and said  don,t say that to shantyman. I also told him that it,s good to have no hair because it,s one less thing you have to do when you wake up.  Steve and lisa are planning on coming up there for the big day in july.  And on that day in july it will be the first time in six years that all four mcdermott boys will be together so who knows what wil go down. Steve thinks one thing that will go down is slickmans pants.well thats all for today. just rember one thing the next time you say man we made by a hair  just thank the lord you still have some. and my god bless the people with no hair.

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10 thoughts on “Who needs hair

  1. highway

    yeah hey im going bald myself plus getting grey hey no slickman its been more than 6 years since we have all been together its more like 10 yrs will be good though hey love you guys oh shanty is not grey thanks color comb he he he

  2. Color Comb hahahahahahahahahhahahaahhahahhahah I have thought that Shanty is either the luckiest person on the planet for STILL having a jet black coife or their is some scientific help there…but hey who knows…..Zman says you getem highway

  3. JustMe

    I have all 4 McDermott boys together in a photo with Ryan. It was 6 years ago when Mama McD took that pic. It will be nice to see everyone. Haven’t been up to NY or home in a while.

  4. Mom

    Just for the record it was in 1999 when the for McD man were together.

  5. JustMe

    Wow, time got away from me again.

  6. shantyman

    I am not sure when it was but you were all going bald then. The next encounter will be a continuation the new soap opera “days without hair” In fact, if I start collecting and saving (you know I get a haircut every two weeks) i can have enough for everyone.

    As far as pics, the last time, I would have to go with Mom. But I cannot remember the last time I saw Penelope. Just get the Mountain Dew ready!

  7. Hey Steve Who called Slickman ” UNCLE CUE BALL” and why
    Don’t worry it will grow back Love Pop

  8. highway

    yeah yeah yeah so shanty i like the toupee or that hair club thing you sporting any ways might be balding but still a sexy beast he he he hey you use clairol for men the shower in stuff ha ha ha ha

  9. JustMe

    Your Moms is right Shantyman. It was 1999 I guess. BTW, the last time you saw me, I was at your house for New Years party in 2005/2006. Still drinking the MD too! This stuff is poison if you are trying to be thin. It will fight you every step of the way! See you soon.

  10. shantyman

    OK, so Highway takes off the gloves…. what clairol does, I guess is put color in the hair, what that implies is that someone has hair to color. I am assuming Highway knows about clairol from trying to color the back hair so that the bears do not try to spoon with him (LOL)

    As far as all other stuff, the MD is ready!

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