Wonder Women Died!

For those that have read early blogs you are familiar with who wonder women is.  Well she died yesterday of complications from her illness.  She had 2 more radiation treatments left and she has just finished up the chemo.  It makes me really sad to know that she put an extremely brave fight and it was not enough.  The best way to beat cancer is early detection that is the key I think.  My thoughts and prayers go out to her family and friends.  On a lighter note Joe came down here and built and ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT shed.  I wish I had talent like that, gosh he made it look easy.  Thanks Joe you are the bomb diggity….just a quick sad and shed note……

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4 thoughts on “Wonder Women Died!

  1. Friend of Lisa's

    It makes me sad also to hear about wonder women’s passing. Cancer is evil. Early detection IS key to beating this dreadful disease…

    Hope you and Penelope are doing fine…and bald IS beautiful.

    ps…Lisa, Kim said to make sure I say hello to you from her.

  2. shantyman

    In this world we all must pass. What would make it truly sad is id nobody noticed her fight. Thank God you did and realize that staying alive takes fight every single day. We should all share your experience to the extent that we prioritize our lives enough to enjoy them, even if it is for small snippets at a time.

  3. JustMe

    I’m sorry to see her go. I saw her walking the hallways here and there and thought, “wow, she is not giving up!” And, she never did! This was just too much for her I guess. My sympathy to her family.

  4. She fought a great and courageous battle. She died with pride and without regrets. Her life was one worth living — a lot more than many others’.

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