Going Global at the Halfway point

Well thank goodness we are at the 1/2 point in treatment woo hoo this is not as ardous as it is for others but I cant wait for this to be done.  One of the biggest stinkeroos about this is the interupption it brings to my life.  I enjoy the interaction with the crew at work (yesj even john) and the daily routine of life.  The drugs and the being tired I will gladly say goodbye too.  The ZEUSGAZETTE.COM pens arrived yesterday arrived in the mail yesterday.  Its my first step in sending my blog global woo hoo…I will send some north in the mail BE SURE TO HAND THEM OUT!!!….just a quick 1/2 through thought..

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3 thoughts on “Going Global at the Halfway point

  1. shantyman

    Hey, I was looking at the worth of the blog, it has not moved in a while. If you want, i can chain mail out see if we can gte a few million hits to raise the value a few bucks!

    You keep talking about getting back to work, I keep dreaming about not working anymore. I guess what my dream has that does not seem to be part of reality is the infamous money tree that grows in the backyard.

    I will wait for my pen


  2. Mom

    I am sorry to hear about your friend. She is looking down on you and will take care of you. I am glad that you are at the 1/2 way mark. It seems so long since we saw you in Maryland. Joe said that you look good and bald is beautiful. He is really proud of the shed send me pictures. I to am waiting for my pen, can I pass the blog sight on to others I haven’t because I didn’t know if you wanted me to. Be happy Smile

  3. Congratulations on the grand opening of ZEUSGAZETTE.COM. I have a feeling you will make it big. Way to go!

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