Another Birthday past!

I feel older then 37, dont know if I should but I do.  As it has now become a tradition for Birthdays in our house to get balloons,  Penelope got me balloons one of which is this obnoxiously HUGE balloon which I am sure will last through July 4th.  And of course the day would not be complete without Lasagna and Baskins Robbins ice cream birthday cake woo hoo.  I remember being able to blow out candles a little more robustly but that comes with age like I said.  As I sit here and write, I know that I have been truly blessed.  I have always been surrounded by friends and family that have always made the effort to make my birthdays special for me.   To all -Thanks for always being there….Just a quick I feel old thought…….

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3 thoughts on “Another Birthday past!

  1. capt

    teeshirt here happy birthday z-man balloons i like them the big ones are great did youll know that when they go flat you can blow them up and trow them at people youll sound to nice to do that maybe that highwayman would do that i like cake really choc nothing else everything else is yuk i am glad youll are feeling better sick is yuk must be green jello z-man you roc

  2. chalkdustmakesmesneeze

    Happy Birthday man. Prayers for many more.

  3. Mom

    I am glad you are home and feeling better. Ballons are nice I hope you received the package I was hoping your brothers would have been there so you could have watched them have a game.
    Just take care of your self.

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