While not the worst sounding word in the world, Neutrapenia actually means food prison.  Neutrapenia or penic is the period of time after chemotherapy that your white blood cells drop and your body has a tougher time fighting off infection.  Usually lasting anywhere from 3 to 5 days it is important during this time to stick to a more restricted diet.  Which means to me NO

WING KING,  SUBWAY, FRESH CANNOLIES, SALADBAR FROM FARM FRESH (really wouldnt recommend it anyway), SALS PIZZA, CORN ON THE COB (Penelope knows how to grill) and anything else that could be handled that sounds good to eat, oh yeah Steak Out take out place…not being able to eat what I want to eat to me is the worst part of this thing..I stay away from the 5 deadly sins  Mcd, Burger King, Taco Bell, KFC,  Wendys but knowing that I cant have them is even worse…just a quick neutrapenic thought…

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5 thoughts on “Neutrapenia

  1. soon2BmcD

    Don’t worry, the food restrictions will be temporary. We’ll just have to get highwayman to cook for you when you come north.

  2. highway

    hey bro whats new not much here just chillin yeah i hear you sucks when you cant eat what you want hang in there it will get better love you

  3. shantyman

    There are worse things in life than McD, BK, or not being able to have them. In addition, you can look forward eating Highwayman’s cooking although I would not be able to tell you how it is.

  4. JustMe

    Well, now that you are home and can eat what you want, I’ll go back to cooking your favorites again. Tonight? Beef platters with chedder potatoes and broccoli. Yummy..Maybe no broccoli, not soft enough…WELCOME HOME BABY!!!!

  5. After the period ends, it’ll be all-you-can-eat for you. Cheer up!

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