The philosophy of the End of Treatment

After some careful thought I have decided to end chemo treatment.  After 3 treatments of a scheduled 5 just decided that I had enough.  There are few things that affected quality of life that just make it too difficult to continue.  Penelope asked me about if this comes back am I going to be a worry wart.  Sydney Pollack died today of cancer yesterday, and Ted Kennedy with his diagnosis.  I am not worried about this coming back (HOPEFULLY IT WONT) but we will fight it like we did this time.  Cancer is so a part of the human condition, to worry would take away from the everyday beauty of life.  I cant change it so I will enjoy my life with Penelope, the way we hold hands and her smile, the way she dances when she hears a song on tv.  She held my hand in the darkness and promised that anything bad would have to go through her first.  She has been an incredible rock for me.  I really feel that this has also brought my brothers  and I closer together, relationships that mean so much to me.  Thanks for always being there guys!!!…just a quick getting better healing thought

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4 thoughts on “The philosophy of the End of Treatment

  1. Mom

    I am glad that you and your brothers have become closer. I am sorry that it took an illness to do that. Please take care of yourself what ever you have decided we are all behind you. You have taught us all so much, just to stop and smell the flowers and be thankful for what we have. All I can say is that we all love and respect you

  2. Steve this was a decision that only you and Lisa could make.In my considered opinion you had all the necessary treatment to keep it from coming back,and personally I don’t think it will.Now just get your life back on track,and do all those things you and Lisa planned on.We have the wedding to look forward to, as well as our camping trip when you feel up to it.Will be introducing Murdoch soon
    Need to know Steve Keep it under wraps for now
    Meanwhile give my love to lisa and Zman
    Love Pop

  3. shantyman

    It is not the illness that brings us closer together, it is the realization that life is short and sacred and time does not come back. You know, we have always been there for each other. This is one of those times you needed help. Next time someone needs help, we will be there again. It may not be illness but it does not matter.

    The understanding that you (we) have shoulders to lean is comforting and will always be there. They say blood is thicker than water. I for one do not believe that. But what I do believe is that family who is also friends it sronger than steel and you dude are Ironman!!!

  4. slickman

    Hey steve I am glad to see your at peace with your self. I allways beleived that we as brothers would allways be there for each other. some times its not by a phone or a picture its just the fact that we believe in each other though tick and thin. steve the things that you have brought too our atention we could not thank you enghouh. instead we can take alittle more time to enjoy life. we can stop and smell the rose and when we do we will say thank you steve for it was the youngest mcdmott boy who tought us the most about life. Thank you and love you slickman

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