At crisis’s end

Penelope and I were talking that we were both happy that this crisis was at its end.  Aside from the physical therapy and follow up test, this was behind us thank goodness.  But now what do I write, I originally started this blog as a form of therapy so I could stay out of a real therapists office or have to go to the chaplain at work.  Dont really know, cause I dont want my blog to turn into some stupid rant about shit that nobody cares about but me…Mom sent me a wiffle ball bat set as a way to cheer me up and it got me thinking about the New Hyde Park Wiffle Ball stadium. While I appreciate the effort Mom made and my brothers might have some fond memories of the wiffle ball wars..its mindless I dont know ….I love this blog and enjoy reading the blogs on my blogroll I am lost on the next step now..OUTSIDE OF TSHIRSTS FOR THE BLOG ARE IN THE WORKS..any ideas would be great like where I can get some made and what I should put on them…anyways big day tomorow..just a quick lost on next step for the blog thought…

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7 thoughts on “At crisis’s end

  1. shantyman

    Steve, A few things.. first, I noticed the Blog is now worth $1,693.62. You should keep the blog going so that when your god child is going to college, there can be a nest egg. Second, there has been alot that has come out of your rants. No, I do not want to hear about your job, the day to day, etc. but the challenge will be to keep it interesting and remember where it came from. maybe guest hosts from time to time. I would love to have my kids read it and comment on a regular basis. I look forward to seeing you and Penelope

  2. shantyman

    One more thing..can spell check be turned on for this. Slickman’s fingers are chodes so he can’t spell correctly.

  3. highway

    yeah yeah wiffle ball hmm dont know much about it as far as blogs worth well my opinion well priceless z mans blog is awsome liz and i love it keep rollin hey save liz and i a t shirt plus hey bro


  4. Mom

    I think the blog is great and I agree with you it shouldn’t be a place to rant. I agree it would be nice for the kids to comment. Maybe they would comment on how they felt about their uncle being sick and what that means to them. I know when you come up next month that maybe their could be a wiffle ball game and I could tape it like the last one, and we could see who plays the best. I really hope you keep the blog going even if it is only once a week. Sorry I forgot to give out the pens will do it next week when I see your brothers. Keep Smiling

  5. highway

    wheres my pen

  6. shantyman

    Wait a minute…you do not to tape a wiffle ball game to know who plays best! I will tell you right now, NOBODY hits the sinker or the screwball!!! You guys are bush players. I played in Schumacher stadium for 15 years. Do yourselves a favor and relinquish right now. There will be no mercy.

  7. I agree with Shantyman. Let make this blog worth a million bucks!

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