Tomorows vision

Starting to look at things a little diffrent now..the grudges I had or maybe the forgiveness I was witholding.  The flowers across the street I just noticed, the smell of my dog (no thats not new actually).  I hope that I have more days ahead of me then I do behind me,  and what will the next few years hold for Penelope and I.  Its now starting to hit me that regardless of disability whether the Navy puts me out or I make it 4 years have to get a job in 2012.  My dream of driving a beer truck seems to be fading.  Hoping, trying to be a better person and husband.  To notice things I never have and to get rid of things that dont improve my life. Its been 7 months since this mess began,  I have grown as a person and a man.  I just want to know what is on the other side of this journey (hope its not like the bridge in Indiana Jones and the temple of doom)..just a quick curious thought

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10 thoughts on “Tomorows vision

  1. Live in the moment and don’t think too much. Enjoy life and all its beauty.

  2. Leafless is right Steve.Live one day at a time,but it is OK to plan for tomorrow,since there will be many tomorrows for you and Penelope.You entered a dark tunnel and emerged into the sunlight again.Life goes on for you and Penelope. Your strength and courage through out this crisis has been an inspiration to all of us. Now it is behind you, and you are once again free to look ahead.Will the Navy put you out?That is something only the Navy knows.I kind of doubt it however There is only four years left to make 20 and they might decide just to let you ride it out.Going beyond that however I would say is mission impossible.Those coming back with what would normally be career ending inuries are being allowed to finish their enlistments stateside.This includes retirement(I think 5 or less I’m not sure). As your Father I can say beyond a shadow how proud I am of you.
    quoting Leafless “enjoy life and its beauty ”
    Love Pop

  3. highway

    hey bro yeah driving a trucks a great job hey its honest nothing wrong with being a teamsters trucker good union benefits hey just stay away from civil service it sux ass its all bs well see you soon love ya bro

  4. Mom

    I say go for the Dairy Queen store instead of the beer truck. But what every you decide it will be what you want and were you want. Keep Smiling

  5. slickman

    Steve turn the page and keep on bloging this is good stuff. this blog is good for the hole bunch of us. where else can we make fun of santymans wig. mattys luck in life. and the things of the past. I have some ideas for the blog and the shirts.When you come up next month we will talk. well thats all for tonight good night good luck good looking

  6. capt

    teeshirt hear glad youll are doing good hay that lady mom wants youll to do dairy queen what is that i think youll should stick with green jello those people highway slick shanty play wiffle that is for girls youll need to play football or crickiet those are guy games youll want to get a game together let me know and well all play i can beat the bunch of youll zman rocs

  7. shantyman

    Well, for one, if wiffle ball is for girls then call me Mary. That is Mary (babe ruth) shanty. girl or not, i will kick everyone’s butt and be queen of the diamond. Second, my hair grows so quick and thick, I could make all three of you wigs in about a week, and you need it.

    I am not going to get retrospective regarding life. What I will say and already know, is life moves too quickly. If you do not stop to smell the proverbial roses, it is your own fault. I have my own three roses I nurture everyday, the oldest is already 14 (Holy sh*%&t). So, remember, you do not want your tombstone to read “he worked his ass off for a job”

  8. Mom

    Ok Shantyman you bring the wiffle ball and bat and I will bring the video and well see if you still are the champ. Just because you have a lot of hair doesn’t mean you still have the strong arm. We will see what we will see

  9. OK let’s settle this we’ll have a family wiffle ball game.Even I’ll play.I may be an old goat,but I’ll do my best

  10. highway

    huh wiffle ball yeah yeah you cant even master kick ball blah blah blah color comb man hey might not have much hair but im still a sexy beast and a stud

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