Well it turns out that Penelope’s Job is moving to Atlanta.  It’s really not a surprise, all the people in the company knew it was coming.  I would love to live in or near Atlanta, then ultimately move to the coast somewhere near Savannah.  We are talking about how we can do this move, I have 4 years til retirement now and when her job moves next summer, I will have 3 yrs til I can pull the pin on this job.  The stick in the mud is wether or not the Navy is going to put me out or let finish my time on limited duty.  We might have to geo bach (geographical bachelor- the Navy would keep me here and Penelope would move to Atlanta and I would get paid to do so) for a little bit.  Penelope will find out in August wether or not they are going to offer her job down there, if they do we will think about moving south….just a quick relocation thought

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2 thoughts on “Hotlanta

  1. Mom

    Both Atlanta an Savannah are both beautiful cities. I like Savannah best because of the old southern charm. But what every you and Penelope decide will be what you both want. Enjoy your week-end. Keep Smiling

  2. highway

    steve hey bro sounds great georgia is nice a real beautiful state country folk are great you and penelope are gonna love it hey when machula retires we going home back to texas listen though dont worry about navy family more important navy is just a job take it from me i passed on family once never again hey you get out early its ok go with penelope shes truly a beautiful loving caring angel well love ya bro

    Zman states – ok first off BACK TO impies that you have been, second Machula is Liz yes?

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